A transgender detective transfers to her small Mormon hometown to care for her newly disabled abusive father, uncovering a growing opioid crisis steeped in cover-ups and conspiracy.


Julia Silva, a Latina transgender detective from Salt Lake City, receives the news that her father is ill and soon would become disabled. Aiming at taking care of her father, Oligario Silva, she accepts a case in the small city of Kamas, UT, the place of a small Latin Mormon Community and her hometown.


Upon her arrival, she needs to deal with Lew Wesley, the transphobic conservative sheriff of Kamas. Analyzing the first crime scene, they discover that the scene has been tampered with and must be more than just an opioid case. On this hunch, she digs further to discover that heroin was also involved and opening the idea of a wide drug network affecting the whole city. Sheriff Wesley and Detective Silva must join forces to unveils the true depts of the roots of the opioid epidemic.


Silva faces discrimination for being trans but also for being in law enforcement, and further difficulty from the Sheriff and her religious father. But, the greater the persecution, the greater Hannah’s resolve to find the truth about the case. In an attempt to amend the past, she devotes herself to take care of her father while unearthing childhood memories, transitioning, and dealing with PTSD from her time serving on Iraque. Through Julia’s devotion to the seriousness of her profession, she uncovers bypassed information and sniffs out the culprit for the distribution of drugs.


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